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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Senator Saslaw’s Deliverance Comment

One the RPV website there was a news release about Senator Richard Saslaw, a Democrat from Fairfax, , making the quip, "I see we're debating a gun bill…Half of the cast of 'Deliverance' is in town." What does “Deliverance” and debating the second amendment have to do with each other?'s just another personal attack from "open minded" liberals on those who have differing opinions. The only thing is that Democrats don’t understand that the majority of Virginians favor gun right (in one form or another) and that includes a the some of his Democrat cronies. These liberal “elitist” need to realize that they are the ones out of touch and they need to stop with the negative stereotypes because since they are the ones out numbered…anyway this is Virginia not West Virginia and everyone knows West Virginia is where are the real hillbillies are.

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