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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rove knows how to beat Clinton...just ask him

Carl Rove knows how to beat Hillary Clinton (or Barrack Obama for that matter) and here are the three main things the Republican nominee needs to do: 1.) first “create a sustaining narrative about themselves.” 2.)“immediately engage on the “kitchen table issues,” like healthcare, education, jobs and the economy and 3.) show that he is serious about campaigning “aggressively in places where Republicans don’t usually campaign.” Rove said that includes among black, Latino, Asian and union voters….sounds like a simple plan but with it work. Other excerpts:

Specifically, Rove hit Clinton for what could have been her worst campaign moment last year, when she had trouble answering a question about driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants at the Democratic debate in Philadelphia.
“You know, Sen. Clinton [has] got a problem with giving straight answers in this campaign,” Rove said. “I thought that was an incredible moment. In the course of 15 minutes, I counted her giving about four different answers.”
The Bush confidant also trotted out one of the lines of attack the RNC has already been working feverishly against Clinton, questioning why she and former President Bill Clinton will not release records from their time in the White House. This, according to Rove, “raises legitimate questions about what she’s hiding.”
Rove made it clear that most Republican attacks on Obama would focus on his “accomplishments and experience.”
“He got elected three years ago, and he [has] spent almost the entire time running for president,” Rove said.

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