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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Romney is 1 for 3 but will fight on

Although it has been underreported that Mitt Romney won the Wyoming Caucus (held last Saturday) but has lost the two biggies this far, Iowa and New Hampshire and is behind on dlegates, he has stated he is in the race for the long haul. In when political futures are fluctuating at a moments notice the consistent race of Romney I think can survive to the end if he receives no major setbacks. Romney’s quote, “"There have been three races so far. I've gotten two silvers and one gold - thank-you Wyoming," Is indicative of his 50 state strategy and steady approach to this election thus far. Here are some quotes from an AP story about the condition of the Romney campaign and some of the changes that will be under way.

Romney aimed to stress that his work as a venture capitalist, Olympics CEO and
Massachusetts governor leaves him better equipped than Mike Huckabee and John
McCain - the winners in Iowa and New Hampshire - to compete against the eventual Democratic nominee.
Conceding Romney had been hurt by a backlash against the hard-hitting television commercials the former Massachusetts governor ran against Huckabee and McCain, the adviser said the campaign hoped to "get away from the paid media and get more of the earned media."
The shift would suggest a greater emphasis on generating newspaper, Internet and television coverage, especially in Michigan, where Romney was born and which is next on the primary calendar on Jan. 15. Romney flies to Grand Rapids, Mich., on Wednesday after a fundraiser in Boston.
Earlier in the day, Romney said he expected the nomination fight to continue through Feb. 5, when 22 states vote. "I don't think the Republican Party wants to have only one person in this contest until the very end. I expect to be one of the two that's in it to the very end," he said.

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