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Friday, January 11, 2008

Reverend Al shakesdown the Golf Channel

So Kelly Tilghman of the Golf channel used a poor choice in phrasing, when she stated that the only way to beat Tiger Woods is for the other players, “to take him in a back alley and lynch him.” Implying a beat down as oppose to the southern racial version of the word. The Golf Channel suspended Kelly two weeks despite the fact that Kelly and Tiger have been good friends for the past 10 years or so, in a statement Tiger has said he believes that the racial interpretation in not accurate in this case and the Golf channel has stated that her choice of words were inadvertent and that she did not intend them in an offensive manner. Yes, they suspended her even though they believe she did nothing offensive (can anyone say trying to avoid Sharpton shakedown.) So after all that action guess who still joined the fight to defend Tiger even though Tiger has stated that this is a non-issue, you guessed it Reverend Al. The Reverend has made a career of defending people, that I feel, would not think of themselves as victims if it were not for Sharpton’s invention and shakedown tactics and I am sure he is note happy with Tiger for putting a stop to this non-issue before he could get the race machine going ala the Don Imus scandal. The Sharpton shakedown machine is not about equality (we’re all for that) but it is about using false implications for gain at the expense of those that really believe they are being helped by this guy and the quote, ”Whether she’s a racist … is immaterial” goes to the heart of the matter that this is not about stamping out racism, it is about using racism to bolster an agenda that ends with money in Sharpton’s pockets. The words of the English language may have many meanings and connotations depending on there use and the first amendment should protect each one in an effort to protect the whole. We, as Americans, need to be wiling to accept being offended by others in order to protect our freedom to express valuable ideas that may go against the norm of the times. Racist thoughts and needs have no place in the US because it goes against the vary ideal that makes this country so strong but we also must fight against political correctness group think as well because socially excepted speech can only limit our freedoms since everyone is offended by something different and we cannot protect against that….freedom of speech is in the constitution, not being offended by someone’s insensitive remarks is not……

On a side note, when I was at the Richmond International Airport during the last Presidential election, when the Reverend Al was running, I literally ran in him coming around the corner. I exclaimed in surprise, “wow, it’s Reverend AL!” and made him laugh (even I have my moments) and then proceeded to talk to him for 5 minutes about how the campaign was going. The Reverend was a very nice guy from what I could gather in my brief encounter but his views on race relations, political leanings, solutions to fix things in America and his shakedown tactics to rid the world of what he thinks is racial inequality are very skewed and way off base…it was lucky we didn’t get to that sixth minute of discussion, my checking account isn’t as big as the Golf Channel’s.

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