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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Response from Randy Forbes about Congressional Earmarks

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I touched on Congressional Earmark abuses and to that end sent a letter to our Congressmen and Senators to ask them to: 1. disclose their earmarks and 2. explain their stance on the practice itself. Congressman Randy Forbes was the first to respond about Congressional Earmarks and the need to disclose them to voters to help curb abuse. Forbes does disclose all his earmarks found here:
Below are some excerpts from his reply:

January 2, 2008
Mr. Jody Wilcox
Thank you for contacting me regarding congressional earmarks. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this issue with me....As you may know, Congress has the ability to designate or "earmark" federal funds for specific projects rather than delegate federal spending to the Executive Branch..... I share your concern that Members of Congress often earmark federal funds for questionable or unnecessary purposes.....Although Members are not required to disclose this information, and most Members choose not to share this information with the public, I have voluntarily disclosed the projects that I have requested the House Appropriations Committee consider for funding...As your Representative in Congress, I appreciate your input in this matter. As always, if I can be of assistance to you on this or any other issue,
please feel free to contact me in my Washington D.C. office at(202) 225-6365 or
online at

Yours truly,


Member of Congress

I will also be sending a letter to former Gov. Jim Gilmore and to Mark Warner to get there spin on Congressional Earmarks.

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