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Monday, January 28, 2008

The President's Final State of the Union Address tonight

Don't forget to watch on any of your favorite news outlets...the writer's strike does not apply(would a Republican speech writer join a union...that's one to ponder.)
The Address should have little in the way of surprises and should be more of a rah rah speech for America. Look for him to talk about the $150 billion economic stimulus package, surge triumphs in Iraq, No Child Left Behind, he may even give kudos to Pelosi (egads) and for working with House Republican Leader John Boehner on the stimulus package...let's see which side of the isle stands and sits on that one...oh and there is also the $108 billion request for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the larger war against terror that's coming due on Feb. 1. Hopefully, Presidents Bush's Presidency will end on a high note and that all starts with the SOTU address tonight.

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