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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NRCC's recruiting efforts target Freshman DEMS

The Hill’s ( Walter Alarkon has an article about the NRCC’s (National Republican Congressional Committee) efforts to challenge freshman Democrats in the House. To quote from Alarkon’s article, “To appeal to swing voters they need to win, the GOP challengers are likely to run on pledges to rein in spending and taxes, which Republicans have charged the Democratic Congress has failed to do.” … “For the first time in history, we have a chance to see our children live less well than we do,” he said. “In [upstate] New York … it’s already happening. It’s an example of what high taxes can do to wreck an economy.” …As Wasserman sees it, Republicans may see their chances improve with the focus shifting toward a faltering economy….“This is not 2006,” Wasserman said. “Democrats will not run away with 30 seats. You have to give Republicans credit for toughing it out in a bad political environment [and finding] candidates to run. “

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