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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Now Ron Paul is a Racists Now?

James Kirchick of the New Republic has an article about Ron Paul and his “Ron Paul Report Newsletter” that he published in the 80s and 90s. Kirchick makes the claim that statements in these newsletters are racist, homophobic, sexist and more. This could be devastating to Raul’s grassroots efforts if proven true or could rile up the masses if proven false. This looks to be another shot below the belt aimed at a conservative running for President....I believe these quotes are being taken out of context but that's just me. Below are some excerpts from the article and Ron Paul’s response to these allegations:

“The riots, burning, looting, and murders are only a continuation of 30 years of racial politics.”
“If this walking bomb had gone off, it would have demolished the House Chamber and most of the congressmen in it. Yet this attempted terrorist attack was buried by the media. Why? Because the perpetrator was an undoubtedly mad Israeli, furious over alleged slights to his country… [T]he Israeli lobby deep-sixed the story, and no one outside of Congress ever head about it.”

Read article Here:
Ron Paul’s response here:

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Anonymous said...

I like the way Ron Paul has always given his unvarnished opinions, and offered well thought-out solutions for the problems we face.

The recent attacks on this man's impeccable character tells us much more about the Nixonian Neocons, than Ron Paul's record of superb service to this Nation.

As soon as Ron Paul began raising serious money, the attack was unleashed by the far-right establishment. All the Nixonian Neocons have done so far, is to prove that they will stop at nothing to retain power over us.

The only political sins Ron Paul has made is to talk about reducing government spending and to honestly assess the behavior of the Israeli government.

Ron Paul is the only candidate on either side who will obey the Constitution and he is the only candidate who will work for real reductions in our leviathan federal government. For this, he is being viciously attacked with the typical Neocon smear campaign.