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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Novak's outlook for Democrat Prez nomination

Robert Novak looks at the outlook of the increasingly tepid Democrat race for President. Below is the insight and I agree that the spat between Obama and Hillary was to short was the fireworks that these campaigns needed to distinguish themselves from one another.

Since late December, when Obama's lead in Iowa became clear, the Clinton campaign has publicly and regularly spoken about Obama's past and about possible skeletons in his closet -- regularly speaking about how Clinton, unlike Obama, has been "vetted." The sometimes backhanded way of referring to Obama's drug past hurt Hillary in Iowa, but the campaign has hoped it will deter prominent Democrats from jumping on board with Obama.
The tactics are typical Clinton, but now that they are hitting on questions of race -- and hitting a candidate adored by the media -- Hillary is getting grief for them, both in the press and from some in her party. Could it motivate the black vote behind Obama in South Carolina? Clinton decided to back off this week.
Nevada (January 19) will be a tight contest. Obama's endorsement by the prominent Culinary Workers' union gives him a slight edge.

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