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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Novak thinks McCain is frontrunner...Does no one read the Delegate Totals?

Robert Novak has an article about how McCain and Hillary are now the frontrunners and hardly even mentions Romney who at last count is leading the delegate race. I think Novak has obviously tipped his hand for who he is suppoering.Hovak even goea as far as stating that the only Republican's who don't like McCain are outside the the party norm like, get this, Rush Limbaugh...that's right Robert Novak thinkis Rush is out of step with the Republican party, I think not...McCain is the one that is out of step with today's REP party. Here are some other intersting quotes:

The "never for McCain" crowd is noisy, but it is mostly outside regular party ranks (Rush Limbaugh and former Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, for example). McCain is getting support from such non-predictable Republican conservatives as Jack Kemp and Sen. Tom Coburn (Okla.). The Republican tendency to coalesce around a leader will grow if McCain wins the January 29 Florida primary.

One of the most peculiar in the array of celebrity endorsers who went to South Carolina to stand by McCain's side was Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.). He votes consistently liberal in the Senate on just about everything but Iraq, but is acclaimed by Republican voters for getting elected in '06 as an Independent despite losing the Connecticut Democratic primary on the war issue. He was cheered and applauded by conservative South Carolina audiences as a conquering hero. There will be no McCain-Lieberman ticket, but Lieberman illustrates McCain's appeal outside the Republican box.

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