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Monday, January 7, 2008

New school districts in Chesterfield

In Chesterfield county community groups draw up schools districts for new schools and submit them the school board for amendment and/or approval. This is exactly what is happening for the districts that include the new Elizabeth Davis and Tomahawk Creek middle schools. With most Chesterfield schools at capacity or close to it, the redistricting of these two new schools is important to many citizens in the county. The Elizabeth Davis committee will present it recommendations to the board at the Jan. 22 meeting with the recommendations for Tomahawk Creek middle presented at the Feb. 12 meeting. Elizabeth Davis was built to lighten overcrowding at Carver, Chester and Salem Church middle schools. Tomahawk Creek middle school will ease the student population at Swift Creek, Midlothian and Bailey Bridge.
Interesting quotes from the article in the Times Dispatch:
Jason Livingston is a member of that committee. One of the challenges for his group, he said, is the location of the school.
"There really couldn't have been a worse spot for this school," he said. Western Chesterfield is still growing, he said, and the three middle schools affected by Tomahawk Creek will remain overcrowded unless the committee seeks to bring additional middle schools to capacity.
The goal is to have all four schools at or below 90 percent capacity this fall.
This school year, Swift Creek is at 148 percent capacity, with 19 trailers used for classroom space. Midlothian is at 116 percent, with 12 trailers, and Bailey Bridge is at 104 percent, with no trailers.
Livingston said shifting some students to Providence Middle School was suggested because it's under capacity this year.
"It's hard to open up a new middle school with trailers when I've got another middle school . . . at 80 percent capacity in a no-growth area," Livingston said

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