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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Chesterfield BOS meets tonight

The new BOS meets today at 3pm (agenda below) in the Public Meeting Room to begin deciding the fate of the county. On the slate: picking a Chairman and Vice Chairman, Adoption of Procedures of the Board of Supervisors Governing Meetings, Setting of Regular Meeting Dates for 2008 and Consideration of Board Appointments. I do like that they have added a citizen comment period but wish it was longer than 15 minutes. Let's see if this BOS can make the changes they aspired to in their campaigns:

1. Organizational Meeting
A. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman
B. Adoption of Procedures of the Board of Supervisors Governing Meetings in 2008
C. Setting of Regular Meeting Dates for 2008
D. Consideration of Board Appointments
2. Approval of Minutes for December 19, 2007
3. County Administrator's Comments
4. Board Committee Reports
5. Requests to Postpone Action, Additions,or Changes in the Order of Presentation
6. Resolutions and Special Recognitions
o Recognizing Mr. Jim Albertson for His Long and Distinguished Service as a Teacher and Coach
7. Work Sessions
8. Deferred Items
A. Award of Contract for Management Consulting Services to Conduct a Management Study
for Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors
B. Closed Session Pursuant to Section 2.2-3711(A)(7)Code of Virginia, 1950, as Amended, for Consultationwith Legal Counsel Regarding a Matter Requiring the
Provision of Legal Advice Relating to a LawsuitAffecting the Acquisition of a Leasehold Interestin Cloverleaf Mall
9. New Business
A. Streetlight Installation Cost Approvals
B. Consent Items
1. Set Date for Public Hearing to Consider an Amendment to Parts of The Powhite/Route 288 Development Area Plan, Northern Area Plan,Midlothian Area Community Plan, and the Route 360 Corridor Plan Relating to the Northern Courthouse Road Community Plan
2. State Road Acceptance
3. Reconsideration of Land Use and Water Quality Issues Relating to the Recently Adopted Upper Swift Creek Plan Amendment
10. Reports
A. Report on Status of General Fund Balance, Reserve for Future Capital Projects, District Improvement Funds and Lease Purchases
B. Report on Roads Accepted into the State Secondary System
11. Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
12. Dinner at 5:00 p.m.
Evening Session Begins at 6:30 p.m.
13. Invocation
Dr. Roy Foots, Pastor, New Direction Ministries
14. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America Eagle Scout Steven Wistrom
15. Resolutions and Special Recognitions
A. Recognizing Boy Scouts Upon Obtaining the Rank of Eagle Scout 1. David LaBrecque, Dale District 2. Philip Gaspar, II, Clover Hill District 3 Steven Wistrom, Dale District 4. Byron Tibbetts, Matoaca District 5. Robert Williams, Matoaca District
16. Requests for Manufactured Home Permits and Rezoning Placed on the Consent Agenda to be Heard in the Following Order:
- Withdrawals/Deferrals
- Cases where the applicant accepts the
recommendation and there is no opposition
- Cases where the applicant does not accept
the recommendation and/or there is public
opposition will be heard at Section 18
A. 07SN0157 Otterdale Venture, LLC, Matoaca District B. 07SN0223 GBS Holding, LTD, Matoaca and Midlothian Districts C. 07SN0333 Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, Midlothian District D. 07SN0362 Mount Gilead Full Gospel International
Ministries, Clover Hill District E. 07SN0386 Broad Street Partners Commercial LLP,
Bermuda District F. 08SN0111 Twin Rivers LLC, Bermuda District G. 05SN0239 The Cheatham Family Limited Partnership, Clover Hill District H. 07SN0206 GBS Holding LTD, Matoaca District I. 07SN0354 New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC, Midlothian
District J. 07SN0356 Goode Land Company, Midlothian District K. 07SN0361 Robert C. Sowers and Douglas and Susan Sowers, Matoaca District L. 08SN0107 Pristine Development LLC, Matoaca District M. 08SN0118 Johnnie Muncy, Bermuda District
N. 08SN0124 Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club, Inc., Dale District O. 08SN0125 DOST LLC, Dale District P. 08SN0126 Eleven Oaks, LLC, Matoaca District 16. Requests for
Q. 08SN0139 Colony Crossing LLC, Clover Hill District R. 08SN0140 Roger H. Habeck, Bermuda District S. 08SN0142 Centex Homes, Matoaca District T. 08SN0143 Iron Bridge Holdings, LLC, Dale District U. 08SN0144 Allen M. Twedt C/O Holiday Signs, Inc.,
Matoaca District
17. Public Hearing O To Consider an Amendment to the Code of the County of Chesterfield, 1997, as Amended, by Adding a New Article XVII to Chapter 9 of
the Code Relating to Transportation Impact Fees to Fund and Recapture the Cost of
Providing Reasonable Road Improvements
19. Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
20. Adjournment

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