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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moses and Today’s Political Leaders

In my 7:30 am “Young Men’s bible study” today we began discussion of the book Exodus and the grand liberation of the Jews from Egypt and it stuck me how reluctant Moses was throughout the story and how this relates to today’s political leaders. Moses was one of the greatest leaders in world history but he was not a person how sought the bright light of leadership but had it thrust upon him by God. Today, we all too common have a choice of self proclaimed leaders and do not seek out those with the potential to be an agent of change and move this country in the right direction (no pun intended) even though they may not meet certain preordained criteria or are hesitant at first. Today’s political landscape seems to have one sole purpose and that is to divide and conquer and not see the larger picture which is the future of this country. We as Republican need to start looking beyond strict ideology and “seniority” mindsets to find leaders in a variety of places (ages, ethnic groups and gender etc.) that can forward an overarching platform even if there may be a few issues that we disagree on…to find another person that agrees with you a 100% of the time is not worth the effort since they do not exist. This brings me to the current presidential elections and the candidates that are running; I think we can do better. As a country we must constantly mine our 20 year olds. 30 years olds and so forth in our communities and urge those that have leadership potential to seek public office and make community service once again a priority in the US. We must seek out these “reluctant” leaders to lead the exodus of change or change will lead us in a direction we neither need nor want it to go. Some of the best leaders were not the first to raise their hand and proclaim themselves to be the best but rather were sought out by their communities and peers to lead and we must return to this practice of follow those we neither want to follow nor should follow.

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