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Thursday, January 3, 2008

More on Jim Gilmore

As we ramp up for the ‘08 political cycle, I’d like to give some more reasons why I think Jim Gilmore is the best candidate for Senate (and the best candidate to beat Mark Warner next fall.) In his article on Human Events “Why I Will Win Senate Seat” he very clearly lays out the strategy, ideology and reasons why this will be Viginia’s time to send a true conservative to the Senate that can articulate the conservative ideal and impact policy making.

More Gilmore quotes On the issues:

· Terrorism: “I am a U.S. Army veteran and he did not serve in the military, and I have studied terrorism”
· Law and order: Gilmore is a former state’s attorney and state attorney general
· Taxes. Gilmore recalled how he roared to a landslide election to the governorship on a vow to end the state’s hefty car tax; Gov. Gilmore managed to get two thirds of the car tax eliminated and fell short of it killing it outright because of a pack of moderate GOP legislators “who later tried to help my successor [Warner] raise taxes.”

Warner may have a lead but as the campaign gets into full swing, the recent mistake that voters made that ended up loosing the State senate control will push REPS to show up in droves to support Gilmore and make him our national rep in the US Senate.

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