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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Media fuels Bias

In a great article by Steve Boriss on Pajama Media he expands on the point that the media is a main culprit in dividing our nation along racial lines. In most of the US society (and in my generation and younger) to discriminate along racial lines is ignorant, unproductive and to be honest just plain silly. Race has nothing to do with productivity (education, drive, ethics and being a team player obviously do) and thus should never be applied when including minorities in any endeavor be it job, community activism or friendships. So when the media highlights examples of racism or worse yet creates them it shines light on practices that we all condemn and the majority of us do not practice but we feel divided none the less. As Mr. Boriss states:

It’s not that our nation’s press wants to divide America, mind you — they just can’t help it because they hold certain monolithic views.
To understand this, it is necessary to understand the premises behind left vs. right-wing thinking involving confidence in humanity’s ability to solve social ills. The Right tends to believe the world is imperfect and mankind cannot make it perfect. The Left, on the other hand, tends to believe that the world can be perfected and human beings possess almost unlimited potential to make it so.

But there is a flip side to the Left’s rosy view of mankind. Because they believe that man can solve all problems, they also believe that man causes all problems. Thus, whenever anything goes wrong, a hunt to identify who is to blame immediately ensues.
When this is practiced by the center-left news media, they invariably pigeon-hole each of us into one of the following three groups, then overtly encourage conflict among members of the following groups to resolve the problem:

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