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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Male, Female and Other?

Rick Amato writes a eye opening article about a new law going into effect in California public schools that, among other things, allow students to 'choose their own gender' when deciding whether to use the boys or girls restroom and locker room facilities and to quite Rick "is a glaring example of the cultural assault taking place in America. At stake are the minds, values and ideals of the children who parents send off to school each morning." The law went into effect on Jan. 11 of this year. This is outrageous and will obviously directly conflict with the obsession that California public schools have with sexual harassment by 3rd graders. Here are some interesting quotes from Rick's article:

...But Jim Kelly — one of four Board members of the Grossmont Unified High School School District in San Diego who is currently suing the state of California over SB 777 — had this to say, "No one is arguing against anti-discrimination. There are current laws ... which protect students against the harmful effects of discrimination." But "what they have done here, however, is turn a disorder into a civil right. Gender identity issues are classified as a disorder by The American Psychiatric Association. This law makes it a civil right."

He added: "Furthermore the guidelines are vaguely written. Who enforces whether or not a 16-year-old teenage boy is permitted into the girls locker room? The teachers? The teachers I have spoken with want no part of this. How do we know when someone has selected their gender? Do they give us written notice, verbal notice, same day notice, what?"

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