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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jan 3rd, First day to the end of Hillary for President

Tomorrow is the Iowa caucus and the beginning of the end for the Hillary Clinton campaign. I am starting to believe that Hillary will place Third (and maybe if we’re lucky forth) in the Iowa caucus and no matter what the spin is, not winning in Iowa will greatly hurt the Clinton campaign. At the beginning of the campaign, Hillary used the “predetermined nominee” card like a card shark, convincing us all that the caucus and primary season was just boxes to be checked before the convention started but that has all changed now. Barrack Obama and John Edwards have really come on strong as late; with Joe Biden of all people even thinking he can win in Iowa. If Hillary looses, several things will happen: 1. The Caucus process itself will be blamed, 2. The importance of Iowa will be diminished and look for them not to be the first state in the next Presidential election, 3. The negativity in this campaign will increase by a factor of 9,000 , 4. Bill Clinton will be blamed and 5. Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat nominee for President.

On one hand I wish she would win because I cannot fathom her ever reaching the 50% national mark, but then even the though of another four year (and YIKES maybe eight years) with a Clinton in the white house makes be want her gone soon and now…come on IOWA make a former Iowan proud!!

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