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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is Huckabee running out of Money ?

The AP is reporting that Mike Huckabee stated today that his campaign for President is facing financial difficulties and that top advisers working without pay and some are quitting. This looks dire for Huckabee since publicly stating that yur campaign can only hurt you in the short term. Here are some quotes from ther article:

The former Arkansas governor promised to remain in the race through next Tuesday's Florida primary, telling about 50 people, mostly University of Florida fraternity members: "We are taking a look at everything daily. But we will be here every day in Florida until next week."

In an interview earlier Tuesday in Atlanta, adviser Ed Rollins said top advisers are working without pay and some have left.

"Most people are staying on," but a few have departed, Rollins said. "A number of people, including myself," have agreed to forgo their pay to spend as much as possible on television ads in vital states.

Campaign contributions continue to come in, he said. But he acknowledged that Huckabee is stretched thin as he tries to compete in Florida's primary and many of the two dozen states holding contests Feb. 5.

Huckabee's campaign has stopped arranging charter flights, hotel reservations and other means of helping journalists keep up with his movements. News organizations pay their own expenses, but empty seats on charter planes were costing the campaign money

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