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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Iraq Excuse

Jessica Peck Corry of Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado has written an interesting article on Human about the Iraq excuse when dealing with domestic spending and social issues. In her article Jessica sets up the following scenario: While she was with other mothers on a play date for her child and her child’s friends the subject of national maternity leave came up. When she posed the question, “Who’s going to pay for this?” The Iraq excuse came up that states if we can go to war with IRAQ we should be able afford domestic spending on social programs. Quotes from article:

The Iraq War presents a tough predicament for anyone insisting on fiscal discipline in the United States. It has become the sounding cry for all activists who want money for any program not currently funded.I hear the Iraq excuse from teachers: "Why can't we have more money for schools when we're buying new school books for Iraqi children?" From Hillary Clinton's supporters: "Why rebuild Iraqi hospitals when we need universal health care for Americans?" And from newspaper editorial boards: "What's a few billion in increased taxes when we're spending millions every day in the Middle East?" We're frustrated, conflicted and confused after glimmers of hope in Iraq are continuously and quickly doused by increased bouts of violence. Most recently, we have regained optimism as a recent troop surge appears to be working. We're hopeful that this time the stability will last.

I’m not a dad so I can't relate to the kid thing yet but I think we are better served as Ms. Corry put is by, “Instead of using Iraq as an excuse for out-of-control spending, we must see it as an inspiration for why we should regain control of our domestic fiscal policy. “

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