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Friday, January 11, 2008

How you going to pay for that?

Carl over at Spark it up! Has coverage of the response from Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling to Governor Kaine’s State of the Commonwealth address. Please read Carl’s accounting here: Below are some highlights I found interesting:

“Republicans look forward to working with Governor Kaine to adopt revisions to the state budget for the current fiscal year and a new budget for the upcoming biennium. We will also work with the Governor to make investments in important state programs, like mental health care and higher education. However, we have serious concerns about how the Governor proposes to pay for many of his new initiatives.

“Budgets are about priorities, and in challenging economic times we must determine what our most pressing needs are and focus our resources toward those needs; and we must make certain that our budget actions are cautious, prudent and reflective of the economic uncertainties we currently face.
“We cannot build our budget on a foundation that includes excessive spending and seeks to pay for it by raiding the state’s savings account, diverting money away from needed transportation projects, overly optimistic revenue projections and the excessive use of debt. That is a formula for disaster.”

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