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Monday, January 28, 2008

How Bush can end his Presidency on a high note

William Kristol writes about how President Bush can end strong and rally public opinion in his favor as he winds down his term in the oval office. The left-wing group, Americans United for Change, plans to spend $8.5 million to ensure that President Bush's public approval rating doesn't improve in his final year in office. They do this so Bush is unable to help the Republican nominee to take his place. This money will be an ill-advised investment since know one has heard of AUC and liberals lost this battle with the American public by electing a ineffective Dempocrat congress that continually has lower approval numbers than the President. Here’s what Kristol has to say one the subject:

That's what most Republicans are saying. But the truth is that Emanuel isn't all wrong: It is important to Republican prospects in 2008, and to conservative prospects beyond, how the Bush administration is judged. Continued progress in Iraq is paramount. That's all the more reason not to risk the progress produced by the surge by prematurely drawing down American troops. Stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan is a priority, too. On other fronts, the administration, unfortunately, seems determined to drift with respect to North Korea and Iran. Meanwhile it is engaged in wishful thinking with respect to Russia and the Palestinian question. Absent a crisis, it may be that all conservatives can do is mitigate the damage--and focus on making sure Iraq and Afghanistan are in reasonably good shape.

It would also be useful if Americans learned that under the direction of drug czar John Walters teen drug use is down 25 percent over the past six years; there are 860,000 fewer teens using illegal drugs than in 2001. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt should be on television explaining that the Medicare prescription drug benefit has been a success. It has enrolled 24 million seniors and premiums for the basic drug benefit are running about 40 percent below the projected cost. And perhaps the president himself should take some time to explain that his politically courageous August 2001 decision on stem cells, balancing scientific progress and moral concerns, has been utterly vindicated.

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