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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GOP race a mess or is this what Primary season should be all about?

Rick Moran has an article about what a mess the GOP primary season is and to quote Mr. Moran, The aimlessness of Republicans as they continue to search for a leader is not a catastrophe – at the moment. But if the GOP can’t make up its mind prior to the end of the primaries, the small but not impossible chance that they would enter their convention in September without a nominee stares them in the face. Is this what the nomination process should be? Should we tune in to the converntion and already know who the nomination is going to be given too...what then is the purpose of that convention. I think that so far this has been a very invigorating primary season with more and more people getting involved in the nomination prcess that wouls have oherwise sat home. Mr. Maran's ADD must be kicking in if he things that this vigorous debate by are Republican candidate (the good ones and bad ones) can be anything but positive for the conservative movement as whole. Some excepts:

Mitt Romney’s comfortable win in Michigan highlights the utter helplessness that many GOP voters must be feeling about the field of Republican candidates from which they are expected to choose.

The GOP isn’t necessarily demoralized as much as it is perplexed. Exit polls show Mitt Romney won a third more Republicans in this “open” primary state as John McCain while the Arizona senator won decisively among Democrats and independents. McCain was supported by barely a quarter of Republicans who voted. His highly visible advocacy for the ill-fated immigration bill as well as his thumbing his nose at the conservative establishment from time to time has earned him the enmity of many in the party.

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