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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Early voting in Florida’s Primaries leads to added complexity

Does Florida make everything difficult? The New York Times is reporting that nearly nearly 350,000 Democrats had cast early votes, either in person or by mail and 400,000 party Republicans had cast early votes, either in person or by mail this created some complexities in the primaries. The pros ans cons are stated here:

Advocates of early voting argue that it makes it easier for people to vote — in some states, 50 percent of the votes are cast in advance — while taking pressure off voting machines and making Election Day easier to manage.

But the practice has been questioned by some academics, who note that voters often make their decisions before they have a chance to hear all the arguments that lead to a final voting decision. Mr. Giuliani’s supporters and some rivals said his effort to bank early votes could save him from a devastating defeat, even though it may not be enough to bring him victory, and thus serve as a case study of one of the objections to the system.

“This is a case where some of the flaws in early voting are exposed,” said Paul Gronke, a political scientist at Reed College in Portland, Ore., who is a consultant to

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