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Monday, January 7, 2008

Dumping Giuliani for Bloomberg

From the New York Daily New, there are some very concerned New York GOP’ers who are beginning rumblings of dropping support for the ailing Giuliani campaign and supporting Bloomberg’s third party run. This could be disastrous for the New York GOP as a whole and devastating to Rudy’s campaign if they abandon him and go with Bloomberg and it would certainly end his Presidential bid.

Virtually every New York GOP elected official and party leader endorsed Giuliani last May in hopes that having him on the top of the ticket this fall would boost GOP turnout and help them retain control of the state Senate…..But Giuliani's dismal showing in Iowa and his low standing in New Hampshire polls have sparked a serious bout of Republican buyers' remorse and some in the party are questioning the wisdom of the ex-mayor's Feb. 5 "firewall" strategy…If Bloomberg runs, he is all but certain to land the endorsement of the state Independence Party, which holds Row C on the New York ballot. Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay is in regular contact with Bloomberg's top political adviser, Kevin Sheekey.
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Everything in this election has sped up 10 fold from previous elections; expect candidates to start dropping like flies after New Hampshire and they may be previously thought of as frontrunners (i.e. Clinton and Giuliani)


Cargosquid said...

I thought that Bloomie stated unequivocally that he WAS NOT going to run. Then again, he could run as a dem.....Go Bloomie go!

Jody L. Wilcox said...

He says is isn't, all his advisors say he is and he just went to a mass meeting of the "independent Party" in Texas...who knows but it will make things a little more juicy come fall