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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Criticism of Bill Clinton just not Right

The backlash of Bill Clinton's recent rhetoric is not coming from usual sources, namely us righties, but from the Clinton's own backyard. The liberal elitist in Washington from members of Congress to fundraisers and commentators have come to the conclusion that Bill Clinton is hurting his wife's Presidential changes as he travels around the country making people mad everywhere he goes with his "off-the-cuff" remarks about her fellow candidates and why the Clinton's feel entitled to win. Here are some more on the subject from John Harris over at Politico:

The toxic relationship between the Clinton's and Washington was always one of the main paradoxes of the Clinton administration — and one of its main mysteries.

Here was a couple who devoted their lives to making establishment connections and scaling establishment institutions (the Clinton's first met Greg Craig at Yale law school). Clinton’s policies embraced elite assumptions favored by Wall Street and Washington think tanks — against budget deficits, for instance, and for free trade.

But there was never love at the personal level.

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