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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Criminals get Exiled in Chesterfield

The Project Exile in Chesterfield is easy 5 years in Federal Prison if you are convicted of a crime with an illegal firearm. Last year, the Chesterfield commonwealth's attorney's office prosecuted the 300th “Exile” case since the programs inception back in 2001.
But over time, the program's profile began to fade after the initial burst of publicity -- on television, city buses, billboards and in print ads -- trickled away.
The Times Dispatch quotes Chesterfield Commonwealth's Attorney William Davenport, “, "the deal is that you don't get any bail, you do every nickel of your time and we 'exile' you."…. "And [officers] really are juiced because there's somebody looking out for them," ….. "I see a steady stream of officers and detectives who are bringing those illegal gun cases to Tom."
Thanks God Davenport convinced the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors to continue financing the program.
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