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Monday, January 28, 2008

Clinton Haters Justified

The Clinton’s still have a thing to learn about politics and to even understand why they won the 92’ election…it's funny that they just don’t get it. The Clinton’s won in ‘92 because they touted change and repackaged old liberal ideas in a new way ( still unworkable but in a whole new fashion .) The reason Obama killed them in South Carolina was not that he is bringing new solutions to the Democrat party, since liberals really have no new ideas to offer, the reason he so soundly beat them was that he repackaged the same old liberal ideas as IF they were new ones (similar to what Bill did in his first election.) The liberal mindset once faced with the reality that their ideas do not work in the real world will then go to the first tactic in the liberal handbook which is the tactic of playing with the facts; they alter them just enough to show how their stance, in the right “context”, is valid. When tactics one doesn’t work they then go to the next tactic (tactic two) that we all learned on the playground and begin the personal attacks in hopes that their opposition with back down affording them a victory by default. When the default victory doesn’t work either then they go to the final liberal tactic of “Who ever yells the loudest, wins.” The Clinton’s have been masters of these tactics for many years but times they are a changing and unfortunately for Hillary, using a former President as your attack dog is so obviously a case of overplaying your had (and as we know in poker when you over play your hand you usually loose and loose big) that is makes her candidacy look desperate, which it is at this point. By the Clinton’s attacking Obama when he comes with his repackaged ideal and “time for a change” rhetoric, they both show that they are just old school liberals and play right into Obama’s hands and will continue to loose if they do not change their tactics now….I for one, really hope Hillary turns it around because she will be easier to beat in the general election but unfortunately their egos will probably prevent them from changing course.

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