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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Changing Chesterfield Demographic

With the BOS in Chesterfield not containing a singlr native Chesterfieldian, it's beginning to sink in that think isn't you grandmas Chesterfield any longer. With the influx of new residents relocating to Chesterfield (myself included) this new board seems to reflect the change dynamix of this county. Two issues arise from the changing demographic 1.) the new residents in Chesterfield seem to be more affluent and more mobile and 2.) concerns of the new residents that have been ignored in the past will be address (but hopefully not at the expense of the native residents.) The new BOS seems to reflect the new dynamic of Chesterfield County but should address the concerns of all Chesterfield residents and not one particular group. Below are the stats on the new BOS:

A.S. "Art" Warren of the Clover Hill District, originally from Connecticut;
Daniel A. Gecker, Midlothian District, originally from New Jersey;
Marleen K. Durfee, Matoaca District, originally from Pennsylvania;
James M. "Jim" Holland, Dale District, originally from North Carolina; and
Dorothy A. Jaeckle, Bermuda District, originally from New York.

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