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Friday, January 4, 2008

Bilal Hussein Lawyer is a Big Fat Liar

Scott Horton’s smearing of the U.S. military on his blog posts with his collection of suspicious sources and hidden agendas has been exposed by Pajama Media’s Bob Owens. Scott Horton is a blogger at Harper’s and Bob Owen’s investigation into Horton discovers that his conflicts of interest run even deeper than previously thought. I am tired of this people making up these horrendous acts our military is committing over in IRAQ and Afghanistan and then when they are found out to be false you never hear a peep…hopefully this story will gain momentum. Interesting quotes from the article:

According to Hinderaker, Horton mischaracterized the case of terrorism suspect
and Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein by comparing it to the trial of John Peter Zenger, and engaged in what Hinderaker labeled “a vicious but entirely
unsubstantiated libel of the U.S. military” in Horton’s blog at Harper’s. In addition, Hinderaker states that Horton hid his involvement in the case:Scott Horton was, until January, a partner in the law firm that represents Bilal Hussein — a fact that Horton did not find it necessary to disclose to his readers.

To sum up: Scott Horton claims to have an anonymous “source” inside the Pentagon, who relayed to him the contents of a DOD briefing on the Hussein case. I think this is plainly false. I believe that Horton has a source, but is it a source inside the Pentagon, or inside Hussein’s defense team, headed by Horton’s former law partner?

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