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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

BCC on the election in the US

The BBC has an article about the election that puts it into a context not really pursued here:

This is the first US presidential election since 1928 in which neither the president nor the vice-president is standing in the primaries, seeking re-election.

The article calls it the “nobody knows election”

It is the Nobody Knows election. Nobody knows which candidates will end up representing the two main parties, nobody knows exactly when the parties will choose them, and nobody knows which issues will decide the eventual contest.

I beg to differ on the assessment that “and nobody knows which issues will decide the eventual contest. “ I think the issues that will decide the election are pretty clear it’s with view of those issues will WIN the nomination and election that is unknown. Interesting quotes:

Both Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton have been waging national campaigns which
might blow up in their faces.
Rudy Giuliani has remained true-(ish) to his previously held conviction that abortion should be reasonably widely available to American women. This might hurt him among conservative voters in rural Iowa, but it is close to the view of most Americans as expressed in national polls. Hillary Clinton has voted in favour of sanctions on Iran demanded by the White House. Among her party's left wing anti-war supporters in the early primary states this caused dismay, but in the wider population it is probably the position the majority would back.
The importance of this election cannot be overstated or overhyped, this election will be a pivotal historical event in American history.
Article here:

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