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Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Jim Gilmore needs to be our next Senator

Plain and simple, Jim Gilmore needs to be Virginia’s next Senator come next November. We need Jim Gilmore because we need to bring a strong conservative voice to our nation’s political debate in a time when there seems to be few conservative voices left in Congress. Jim Gilmore has the influence, knowledge and conscious to be that voice. When Jim Gilmore was Attorney General he investigated fraud and governmental waste and as Governor signed multiple tax cuts for the citizens of Virginia. Governor Gilmore fought many battles with “tax and spend” politicians and each time stood his ground and won. As many of you know the Contemporary Conservative ideal is built upon financial responsibility to form our political methodology and Gilmore is the Fiscal Conservative for Virginia. We contemporary conservatives tend to be pragmatic educated thinkers that see that the “common-sense” approach inherent in the principles of lower-taxes, managed spending, strong defense, securing the borders, strong local government are the most efficient ways to achieve what every American wants, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. We do not think that it is the job of the federal government is to take care of each citizen from cradle to grave…we are self reliant and expect others to be so as well. Mark Warner’s first idea (and only idea) is to tax now and then work out the details later; this will not fly anymore in this day and age where we need to look to new and vibrant solution to our country’s needs. The Contemporary Conservative endorses Jim Gilmore for US senate because he is ma best candidate for the job and for both Virginia’s and the United States future.

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