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Friday, December 28, 2007

Victor Davis Hanson can't endorse anybody, it's in his Contract?

Victor Davis Hanson cannot endorse a candidate since his employment contract says he can’t, but he comes pretty close in a new article on Pajama Media he assesses the top candidates on both sides of the equation and is pretty fair to all the candidates though he seems, understandably, more knowledgeable of the Republican candidates and more cliché’ with the DEMS (I think there more to the Obama fascination that described in the article for example.) I do think it is weird that a political commentator and conservative pundit would sign an employment contract that prohibits him from stating a favorite for something as important as the Presidential election; obviously that contract was with Tribune Media Services and not the national review. If you read this article, I think you get a pretty good idea who Hanson favors so I guess it is all in the delivery.

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