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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Paul offers voters nothing

An interesting article on Politico about the campaign of Ron Paul and how it defies the usual “campaign promise for money” type of campaigning that we have seen for President. Since Paul is against most government welfare programs (e.g. farm subsidies, free health care, $2,000 savings bonds for babies etc.) he isn’t promising to give donors anything but his vision of how he would be president, which is refreshing and hasn’t hurt his fundraising one bit.
Interesting quotes from the article:

Difficult as it may be to believe in an era of resurgent liberalism and
compassionate conservatism, for many Americans, being free from the government
is more attractive than getting something free from the government. To them, the
promise of liberty isn't just worth $6 million; it's priceless

Even James Brown is quoted:

The late soul singer James Brown said it better: “I don't want nobody to give me
nothing/Open up the door; I'll get it myself.”
Promise nothing, get elected President, I’m beginning to like Ron Paul more everyday.

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