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Friday, December 21, 2007

Power Play already for new Chesterfield B.O.S

The new Chesterfield Board of Supervisors hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already the political power plays are beginning. There was an interesting letter to the editor, by Bob Herndon, in the Chesterfield Observer this week calling for Marleen Durfee to be named Vice Chair of the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors when they take over next month. The letter makes the case that because Ms. Durfee had a strong election turnout and won a four person race that this makes her qualified to be Vice Chair (the letter grudgingly concedes the Chair position to Art Warren who is the only remaining incumbent left) of the new Board. I really don’t know what Mr. Herndon is smoking or the relationship he has with Ms. Durfee (and don’t really care) but it takes more than vote tallies to be able to actually affect real change within government as a whole and Chesterfield County specifically once IN office; it takes knowledge of the current issues and doing what is best for all constituents. I concede that Ms. Durfee ran a great campaign and although I didn’t agree with all the tactics used, she won by a comfortable margin while being out spent so my hats off to her. I think being named vice chair on her campaign turn out seems a stretch when the current Chairmen of the Planning Commissioners, Dan Gecker, has also been voted to the Board. Mr. Gecker knows the current zoning cases intimately and can help, along with Mr. Warren, this new board get up to speed fast and be effective sooner rather than later, which is what the citizen’s want and need. Personally, I am no fan of Mr. Gecker and think Don Sowder’s leadership was a better direction of Chesterfield County but there is no doubting that Mr.Gecker’s knowledge of these zoning cases can only help this Board make sound decisions since the other members are new. Elections are not about ego boosts for those voted into office and their cronies but about effecting real change that benefits us all. If this is any indication on how the new Board of Supervisor’s will act, then we’re all in for a self centered “I know best for you” government for the next four years that is more concerned with getting individual power than it is in running the county successfully for us all.

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