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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pelosi is Doing a Good Job so Far……NOT!

There is an article about Speaker Pelosi on Politico that is actually, and with a straight face, suggesting that she is doing a good job as House Speaker. Where do they get these guys? This Congress has been a wreck this year, nothing has gotten accomplished, none of the promises DEMS gave during their campaigns have come to fruition and they’re the most elitist, self serving, lying, ineffective group to ever run Congress (at that is saying something) For God’s sakes we’re talking about this Congress being filled with the worse POLITICIANS in history……breath in and out slowly then take a second and think about that one. Two interesting quotes from the article”
“She has run a highly disciplined operation, keeping a potentially fractious caucus unified on tough issues.”
“And she has restrained some of her own instincts representing one of the nation’s most liberal districts.”
That’s right, it states that she has restrained from her own liberal instinct’s…NO, her instincts are extremely liberal and ineffective because the US citizens do not think that way. She is trying to get a liberal agenda passed in Congress but cannot pull it off.
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Cargosquid said...

We've linked to a nice youtube video by Congressman Cantor that you might like.