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Thursday, December 27, 2007

No Victory Prediction from Clinton Campaign

Hillary has given word to the Iowa campaign staff not to predict a victory in the Iowa caucus to the press or supporters. This is probably a set-up by the Clinton campaign to begin to lower expectations and downplay a second place finish in Iowa and position her as the underdog (a place she has never been) going into new Hampshire. Some interesting quotes from the article by Roger Simon.

In interviews with top Clinton staffers, who did not wish to be quoted directly,
I was told that Clinton could survive a second-place finish in Iowa and that the state was not do-or-die for her. The strong pitch made to me and others not that long ago was that we had to be for Hillary, because Hillary was going to be the inevitable winner,” Fischer told me. “They have come a long way if they now think Iowa is just survivable.”

And the top campaigns have been organizing on a level never seen before in the history of the state. “Four years ago, John Kerry had the best organization,” Fischer said, “and I think his organization would be blown away by all the advances made by the campaigns this time. The level of sophistication, the micro-targeting, the staff and the field offices, they are not just a little bigger, but a lot bigger.” For the major campaigns, the Iowa caucus is now a highly professionalized contest

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