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Tuesday, December 18, 2007 Blamed for Lieberman backing of McCain

Bob Beckel of FOX News is blaming for Sen. Joe Lieberman's recent backing of John McCain for president. 'This is the Democrats pay for and others, who drove Joe Lieberman out of the party,' Beckel is reported to have said on Fox. 'They campaigned against him actively and raised money against him and he was beaten in the Democratic primary. ... Now we're paying the price and all I can say is 'a pox on their house.' The Raw Story blog states ( 'Many blogs have criticized Beckel, a former campaign manager for Walter Mondale and Robert F. Kennedy, since he began making regular appearances on Fox over the summer.' If these liberal blogs hate FOX so much you think they would be ecstatic that one of there own is appearing, I know I’m glad Glen Beck in on CNN. The Lieberman situation should show several things to the Democrat leadership 1.) The blogoshere is only going to grow in both money generation, influence and the exertion of that influence. 2.) That we cannot appease those most radical by given in half way or they’ll find away t oust you 3.) The “” crowd is way more radical than the Democrat base but is much smaller in votes to have the policy influence they continually are being given 4) You can’t please all the people all the time, 5) Joe Lieberman currently has more power than once thought and can bring McCain back into the forefront of the Presidential election and 6.) could not destroy Lieberman’s career, as they sought to do, the voters still elected him; which proves that they do not currently represent the mainstream ”middle of the road” Democrat. The base Democrat should be the target of the Democratic party and that they need to move to the right (center) to gain the over votes they need to win elections.
While the right or conservative blogs tend to more accurately represent the republican base, they liberal or ultra liberal blogs tend to be to far to the left to be considered a representation of the Democrat populous as a hole to be given as much power as they have. While the liberal often points to their virtue of “open mindedness” The Joe Lieberman situation should be a stark reminder of what can happen to those that don’t tow the “liberal” line, on issues important to a small and influential special interest group and how to overcome them.

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