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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lame Duck Prez ?... Lame Congress is more like it

From the US News and World Report Political Bulletin, there is an article about just how lame the Democrat controlled congress has performed and that the President seems to be getting the upper hand in political battles being fought. With the passage of the spending bill ($555 billion) President Bush seems to be getting his way even to the point of pushing through the funds needed for our troops (against the very public opposition by the DEMS in Congress.) In an article referenced from McCatchy “after a year in power, their 'mission accomplished' list is thin”. And from Roll Call "majority party signaled that they would shift their top focus from trying to cut off funding for the Iraq War to the economy and health care in the new year, acknowledging that Senate Republicans and...Bush likely will continue to prevent them from forcing any real changes in troop levels or war strategy."
We also are getting reports on the vast earmarks that DEMS are sticking in every bill possible and that this is blowing up in their faces. ABC World News is reporting that there are "$14 billion in new earmarks." In the new spending bill and that DEMSs "put in hundreds of thousands of dollars to help members facing re-election. Tom Schatz, president, Citizens Against Govt. Waste: "Members of Congress have said, we're going to use the taxpayers' money, to help our majority stay in power." The New York Times reports, "Despite an intense campaign by critics in and out of Congress against home-state projects, the year-end budget sent to President Bush on Wednesday was stuffed with almost 9,000 of them."

I will have more on the crazy earmarks some of our legislators stuck in bills, Like the Earmark by Charles Rangel for the Charles Rangel (D- New York) Museum (I kid you knot) Way to help all those constituents in Harlem Charles

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