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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Knight Rider attacking IRAQ…You Have to be Kidding

In a remake of one of the most banal action shows since BJ and the Bear, Knight Rider, one of my favorites (Come on when you only have three channels to surf and your 13, Knight Rider, The A-Team and Buck Rodgers didn’t look all that bad) is being remade and they are making the “Michael Knight” character a depressed and jaded IRAQ veteran…Will these people never learn; the American people support their troops and it is way to soon to turn the brave veterans of the IRAQ conflict into Vietnam Veteran characters from “Born on the Fourth of July.” Let’s have some fun TV with a freaking talking car and forget the Political rhetoric for awhile. If I want my political info, I watch Fox News, so Hollywood really needs to shut up on the political stuff and make some interesting entertainment we can watch.

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