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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Iowa Caucus keeps getting more interesting

In another example how serious Iowans are taking the caucus this year (and how the importance of the caucus nationally may no longer just be hype) new poll fluctuations have moved John Edwards into a statistical tie with Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

A new Strategic Vision poll released Friday finds that Edwards has the support of 28 percent of likely Democratic cacucusgoers, his best standing in Iowa over the past six months. Edwards now trails Clinton by only one point and Obama by two points, well within the poll’s margin of error of 4.5 percent.

As I have written in the past the Iowa caucuses I have attended were very deliberate and everyone makes great strides not to pick the wrong candidate, thus leading to a fluctuation in polling numbers prior to the event. Depending on who has the strongest advocates and the individual Caucus precincts this time around it looks to be anyone caucus to win on both the DEM and REP side.

Some interesting quotes from the artlicle:

Unlike Mike Huckabee in the Republican field, Edwards’ rise in Iowa has been
gradual and not wholly unexpected. He has been on the heels of Obama and Clinton
for months. Yet as those within the Edwards campaign know, much can shift in the
coming days.

Irrespective of the weather, Edwards may also benefit
from the second stage of the caucuses. After the first round, supporters of
those candidates who did not meet a 15 percent threshold move to other viable
candidates. While polls conflict, Edwards campaign believes it is best
positioned in this second round.

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