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Monday, December 17, 2007

Immagration Biggest Concern in Iowa and New Hampshire

In a poll reported on by the AP and conducted by Pew Research Center, both Iowan Republicans and New Hampshire Republicans name Immigration as the most important issues by a very wide margin (18 an 17 percent respectively) over IRAQ. Immigration issues impact our daily lives but most of the potential Presidential candidates (on both side) just don’t get it. Huckabee for instance is quoted in the article as stating, : "In all due respect, we are a better country than to punish children for what their parents did," and Huckabee recently released his own immigration plan, which takes a tough stance similar to those taken by Romney and other GOP rivals. But Huckabee has been more forgiving in the past of some here illegally: As Arkansas governor, he attempted to make children of illegal immigrants eligible for scholarships and in-state college tuition. McCain can be quoted as "They are God's children. They are human beings. Many of them come just because they need a job. And I think many of them, as you know, are badly exploited and mistreated by these coyotes and others," he said. "So I think we ought to be sure we look at the humanitarian side of this issue to try to make sure that all human beings are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, whether they are citizens of this country or not." True they are God’s children but we or a sovereign nation that cannot taken in and give social benefits to those not willing to abide by the law, assimilate into America follow the path to citizenship. The interesting part of this article is that Huckabee is both running a campaign that is leading and running contrary to the data…only time will this will hold true. Some interesting quotes from the article:

"I just think it's not fair to all the people who came here legally and went
through the process and now all the illegals, you're just gonna give 'em
citizenship?" she said. "That's not fair." ….and

"It's costing those of
us who work and pay taxes millions and millions of dollars to support these
people who shouldn't be here in the first place," she said. "They're getting
free health care, they're getting schooling for their children. Yes, they're
working, but they're not paying taxes. They're here, and being a drain more than
they're producing


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