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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Fake Christmas Tree is a Contributor to Global Warming?

To makethe case that everything has turned political in the US and with the panic over Global warming, concerns of China made anything and the real Christmas tree lobby Lawmakers are starting to look at the artificial tree industry as both bad for the environment and potentially dangerous (most artificial trees are made with PVC) to our health. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), requested that the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigate potentially high lead levels in Chinese imported trees. Quoted as saying, ““By taking an ax to imported, lead-tainted Christmas trees, we protect our families against a toxic hazard while boosting our homegrown Christmas tree producers.”

The real tree industry once lambasted by environmental groups as evil is now being seen as the safe alternative (unless the dog drinks all the water the tree is in and your house burns down) to the fake ones. “We’re just watching the environmental and health groups going after lead and PVC,” said National Christmas Tree Association spokesman Rick Dungey. “It’s kind of ironic. These are the same people who have attacked real trees for years.”
Merry Christmas!
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MrGS said...

PVC was never a good thing for people in general. That's what's in these fake trees. I personally would rather go down to the Christmas tree farm and get the real thing.