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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clinton Foundation Donors Influence Extend Beyond Charity

From the New York Times, there is some questions regarding former President Clinton’s Foundation the aptly titled, Clinton Foundation, and the details to how its coffers have amassed $500 million in raised contributions. Since the New York Times is usually falling over its self to praise the Clintons, I found this article’s attempt at “real” non biased reporting startling (I’m sure the reporters are being waterboarded right now for their trangressions.) The gist of the article is that the identity of the donors to the Clinton Foundation that will allow him to build his “Temple of Clinton” in Little Rock are beng kept very confidential and for good reason. The foundation could also be used as a loop hole in the current campaign laws for contributions to Hillary’s campaign. Some interesting quotes from the article that show that Clinton’s foundation is not funded by a bunch of pals who contributed out of the goodness of their hearts to make the Clinton Presidential library grand.

The New York Times has compiled the first comprehensive list of 97 donors who gave or pledged a total of $69 million for the Clinton presidential library in the final years of the Clinton administration. The examination found that while some $1 million contributors were longtime Clinton friends, others were seeking policy changes from the administration. Two pledged $1 million each while they or their companies were under investigation by the Justice Department.
Other donations came from supporters who had been ensnared in campaign finance scandals surrounding Mr. Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign.

Some of the distinguished donors

Bernard L. Schwartz, chief executive of Loral Space and Communications, gave $250,000 and pledged $750,000 more in 2000. At the time, investigators were trying to determine if Loral had improperly provided satellite technology to China. Under the Bush administration, Loral agreed to pay a civil fine of $14 million to settle the case. Mr. Schwartz, who is now also a Hillraiser, said that his donations were unconnected to Loral’s troubles and added that he had contributed to other presidential libraries.
Dr. Richard Machado Gonzalez and Miguel D. Lausell, were lobbying the president to increase
Medicare reimbursements to hospitals in Puerto Rico, like the one owned by Dr. Machado. Mr. Lausell pledged $1 million to the library in 1999, eight months before Mr. Clinton proposed increasing Medicare payments to Puerto Rico for the second time
in his administration. Dr. Machado gave the foundation $100,000 about six months later.
A fledgling telecommunications company, NextWave Wireless, was battling the
Federal Communications Commission when library fund-raisers tapped its chief executive and a major investor. NextWave had promised to pay $4.74 billion for cellphone licenses, but when it declared bankruptcy before completing its payments, the F.C.C. threatened to put the licenses up for public auction, which would have ruined NextWave.
And on, and on, and on it goes…… It will be interesting to see how Hillary and Bill get themselves out of this one; they will no doubt walk away unscathed, they always do. Please explain to me the appeal of these people, they do not care about the average citizen and continually live above the law.
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