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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Dinner and Politics

Mike Allen at politico ( made a keen observation (or referenced one) that the First Iowa caucus happened yesterday around the Christmas dinner table and the second Caucus will take place on January 8th. Since I am lone wolf in my mostly Democrat family it will be interesting to hear who my uncle, aunts, sister and grandmother are voting for (calling them today.) Of course the Boston Globe has to put a pessimistic spin on this:

"The Boston Globe's "Living Arts" section labored to put a negative spin on this
by positing that the races threatened "to add a new strain a holiday
gatherings," and even got a quote from some dude saying that a Hillary-Mitt
argument "brought a lot of tension" to an early Christmas dinner.”

…Like you can put more strain on a family gathering by introducing politics…well they may have a point here.

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