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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Biden actually thinks he is going to WIN! Hahahahaha

In what has to be the ravings of a madman, to much Rogaine or an ego the size of well Delaware Joe Biden actually thinks he will win the Democrat nomination for President. This leads me to the question do irrelevant people know there irrelevant or does it happen do gradually that they don’t realize it until they have spent million of dollars of other people’s money to run for a office they should have ran for say a couple of decades ago. Oh he did run in 1988 and what happened he plagiarized a speech and dropped out of the race, which leads me to the best quote of the week, ““I am not being a wiseass,” he tells me, nudging my arm for emphasis. “I am not joking. The guy with the most money and the woman with the biggest buzz, beaten by the man with the right message! Who people think is honest!” Who people think is honest? If Joe Biden is what the DEMS think is an honest person then they have a short memory. Other interesting quotes from article:

At Starbucks, Biden says: “I tell my contributors - - the few we have - - and I
tell my staff, ‘I cannot show you anything until Jan. 3.’ Then you guys (i.e.
the media) will cover me and I will finally get to the front page of the New
York Times, as reluctant as they are to do that.” To Biden it is just a matter
of getting in front of enough people. “I am confident in my message and I am
confident in breaking through and the only thing I am not confident about is
have I been to enough places?” he asks with a shake of his head and then
immediately brightens. “But I promise you, I am totally, completely at peace
with the way I have done it.”

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