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Friday, December 7, 2007

All Crimes are Hate Crimes/Opinions are Opinions

Do people hurt those they like? Someone really needs to explain to me why we continually pass hate crime legislation when it is obvious to all that if I hurt you, I hate you. This is the perfect example of liberal “feel good” short-sighted gobbly gook bills that this “new” Democrat controlled congress keeps trying to pass to appease their looney liberal base. In America no one should be harassed for their particular color, creed, religion or sexual orientation… that is a crime, plain and simple, it is called ASSAULT. Assault, is a crime with punishments that are in accordance committing that crime, so we don’t need to add anything to it depending on the victim’s particular color, creed, religion or sexual orientation since no American citizen should be assaulted in the first place….like my circular logic here? Read article here: and some interesting quotes:

“At the same time, some conservative Democrats and Republicans said they would oppose it — either because they say existing laws already protect anyone from being attacked or because they don't think the issue should be tied to a bill for the troops.”
“The Senate had voted in September to include the hate crimes measure in the bill. The House version of the defense authorization bill, approved in May by a 397-27 vote, did not include Mr. Kennedy's proposal. The House passed a similar hate crimes measure as a stand-alone bill this year”
Live and let Live is what I was taught. Agreeing and accepting is way beyond tolerance and if my religious conviction leads me to a place that say homosexuality is wrong that is not a hate crime that is my opinion and free speech. A crime is punishable by laws of our nation, an opinion is protected by those founding laws as well and the two should never mix. If we only have free speech for those things we agree with the freedom and democracy we hold so dear as Americans goes away and we become slaves to an ideology and a fascist belief system that id not the ideal of the United States.

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