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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Outgoing Board barred from deciding Zoning issues

In another example of the changing tide here in Chesterfield, the outgoing board (Art Warren remains the only incumbent) is barred from making any further zoning rulings as they serve out their terms. It was seems like a sound rule, the Board of Supervisors has, of the majority of the board is on their way out then they cannot make any zoning decisions. So, the Roseland development and Cloverleaf mall, among other developments that need to go to the Board won’t get discussed until early next year. I have to say that I like this rule, in principle; since it prevents “renegade” outgoing board members from acting in a vindictive manner instead of for the best interest of the County (although I am quite certain that would not happen with the current outgoing members.) The voters signaled a change in direction for the growth of Chesterfield County and we need to have the new board rule on these matters. We can only see in time if the new board members, especially the ones that campaigned so fiercely on “managed growth” take the county in a new direction n or see themselves making the same decisions the previous board has made.

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