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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I’m Right, Your Wrong now Let’s Talk

originally posted 11/05/2007

Have you met some one that you agreed with but they still wanted to argue with you about whatever you were talking about? When discussing this issue or that issue, most people want to be “right” more than trying to come up with the best solution to fix the given problem. The attitude of “rightness” is, in part, what has caused the influx of mean politics and an “us versus them” mentality that divides people that would otherwise get along famously with. The division between the right and the left in this country is undoubtedly widening and seems to be getting meaner as illustrated by the Blogosphere, a tool that at its core lends itself to conflict. Have you ever read comments on a blog site and after five posts realize that Anonymous is not schizophrenic and arguing with itself but that there are many anonymous arguing with other anonymous (and I’m convinced the irony of this is most definitely lost on those commenting) and confusing everyone. When they start with “I wasn’t talking to THAT anonymous but THAT anonymous, you know the conversation is going to go down hill from there. Blogs are what is right and what is wrong about America, the internet and the underutilization of tools we have at our disposal to reach real solutions and not simplistic rhetoric to appease those that believe as you do. If you ever want to cause a ruckus on DailyKOS or any other liberal blog, just bring up that fact that Hillary Clinton voted to authorize the war in Iraq or that true pro-choice would include the choice to NOT to have one or it really isn’t pro-choice or that abstinence is the best tool to use to prevent pregnancy. The vile retribution that will descend upon you will at first take you aback, then scare you, then make you mad and finally leave you depressed that you cannot use an awesome tool like the internet to discuss volatile issues of the day.

As Americans, we need to constantly realize that our beliefs are bound, even in the extremes, by the framing of the Constitution and that we all, at the core, want to make the world and America a better place. We also need to realize that we, as Americans, have more in common than we do differences and that common ground is where we can effect change and accomplish the goals of our society. The squeaky wheel gets the oil in the US and we need to constantly stay vigil to the point that most US citizens don’t live in those extremes and just want our government out of our lives so we can live the American dream. I will debate forever that the Contemporary Conservative way is the best and most efficient way to govern a society, but I will never threaten or personally attack another person who has a differing opinion. Because in invalidating their opinion, I am invalidating the discourse that was, in effect, the catalyst for the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of America, three of the greatest documents ever created by man for man. A constant civil debate on how to implement these documents (whether a Republican, Independent or Democrat) in today’s United states is what we need to strive for and not close minded taunts that only create warring factions that never resolve the actual issue at hand.

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