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Friday, November 16, 2007

Illegal Alien issue discussed at Board Forum

About 150 people showed up to the public hearing on the illegal immigration quandary that is affecting Chesterfield County to help bring to light practical solutions to solve this issue. This forum highlighted many issues that is inherent in the illegal alien debate (stereotypes, perceived prejudice etc.) and how simple solutions and rhetorical dream ideas may not be the most effective way to solving this increasing problem for Chesterfield and the country as a whole. The first thing we need to do when solving illegal immigration is not equate legal status with a value judgments of character unless it is specifically warranted (previous criminal record, history of unlawfulness etc.) by the illegals conduct. The debate should concentrate on the process that immigrants use to become legal citizens, why illegals are not following this process and if they should be able to burden Chesterfield’s infrastructure if they are not following the correct procedures. The debate should be clear and concise about what resources are being used, what is the actual impact of illegal aliens on our resources and how can we alleviate this toll.

The debate about illegal aliens (or undocumented immigrants if you prefer) should never be about whether they should or shouldn't be here when it is obvious by their status of “illegal” and “undocumented” clearly shows that there should not be in this country illegally. The debate should not be painted with a broad brush as a personal attack on the Latino community either when legal Latino immigrants have contributed, as all immigrants to the US have, in making this country the great place it is. The illegal alien debate should always concentrate on the “illegal” part and how these illegal aliens are unfairly taxing Chesterfield’s and America’s resources and not be concentrated on a specific race or nationality. Only after we get over stereotypes and name calling and concentrate on the actual problem can a true workable solution be found. At the forum to discuss this issue Supervisor Warren suggested a multicultural commission be formed to study the illegal alien issue in Chesterfield which I thought was a great idea to address these issues and come up with a viable solution for Chesterfield County in addressing illegal aliens and the issues that arise from having these undocumented people.

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