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Thursday, November 8, 2007

I even tip the waitress at that Maid-Rite, why not Hillary

I never thought I’d have a link to NPR on this blog, but here it is Hillary pulled into a Maid-Rite in Iowa and didn’t leave the tip for the waitress BUT used her story as stump fodder that may have subsequently gotten the waitress fired by having a picture taken with the poor girl. Funny enough, Hillary and I now have one thing in common, we have both eaten at that Maid-Rite restaurant (all together in our best Homer Simpson’s voice,” oooooh, tasty loose meat sandwiches!) Being a properly raised ex-Iowan, I tip the servers at Maid-Rite and don’t get them fired by simply talking to them though. The other funny thing is that the waitress might actually vote for Clinton because she got an autograph (I’m serious.) Like the saying goes, “With Presidential Candidates like those, who needs enemies.” I just read an article from NPR (National Public Radio) and have enjoyed a tasty meal at the same place as Hillary Clinton; this is turning out to be a very strange day

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